Programmatic Advertising

Every day, your audience is filling their days with hundreds if not thousands of micro-moments– intent-rich moments when choices are formed and choices are made. As customers spread their interest throughout increasingly more screens and channels, those moments can occur practically anywhere, anytime. Individuals search on their mobile phones while in front of the TELEVISION. They see YouTube videos on their tablets while texting their good friends. They open a mobile app to look for the ideal gift, then go to the store to buy it. With mobile devices never more than an arm’s length away, individuals can find and purchase anything, anytime.

For marketers, this means the purchase funnel is wildly more complex than it was simply a few years ago.

It’s difficult to plan for nonlinear purchase courses, but programmatic advertising can assist, making it possible for brands to reach the best individual with the ideal message in the minute of chance. Brands can use programmatic to put together a customer’s micro-moments in simply the right way– like joining puzzle pieces together– to see a comprehensive blueprint of consumer intent. That’s an effective proposition, and it’s why programmatic marketing invest is forecasted to grow by more than 77 % this year.

With our brand marketer’s guide as the structure, here are four pointers for making use of programmatic to win these micro-moments and examples of brands that are doing it right.

  1. Start by identifying the moments that matter

Micro-moments take place when people are looking for responses, discovering brand-new things, and decision making. These customer actions indicate the intent and context brands need to be relevant, so understanding them is essential.

The first tip is to organize audience understandings– throughout apps and shops checked out, internet searched, and videos enjoyed– to get a full photo of the client’s purchase trip and identify the make-or-break moments. With a total view of a consumer’s preferences, brands can now make use of programmatic purchasing to provide an advertisement that relates to that consumer in the minute and much more likely to win her business.

The power of programmatic is that it lets marketers do this not just for one person, but for individuals all over, no matter their interests, budgets, or locations.

  1. Design relevant imaginative that thrills your audience

When individuals get the info they’re looking for, they’re most likely to create a purchase, but that minute of need can pass quickly. Now that you’ve identified the ideal moments, how can you utilize those insights to sustain imaginative customized to those moments?

The fact is that even if you reach the best audience, the opportunities of breaking through are little if marketers deliver a bad or irrelevant imaginative experience. Mobile and programmatic produce an amazing opportunity for brands to be hyper-relevant. Brands can overlay audience information with robust contextual signals like area, time of day, and even the weather to provide extremely tailored creative that individuals will engage with.

  1. Reach your audience across screens and channels in the moment

So now that you’ve identified the most important moments and you’ve tailored the imaginative to the moment, how do you reach an always-connected customer in a brand-safe and preferable environment? This is where marketers are really starting to realize the capacity of programmatic for brand building.

With programmatic, it’s possible to find the precise audiences you’re looking for throughout the millions of websites, apps, and videos they take in, even as they change between gadgets. And with lots of customers moving in between several screens throughout their days, programmatic can make a real-time decision to show a mobile video advertisement to one person and a display screen advertisement on a tablet to another– based on exactly what will certainly drive the best impact.

But discovering the ideal audience is only one side of the coin. Brands also wish to reach that audience when they’re engaging with the ideal material. And with the emerging availability of premium stock like Google Preferred, YouTube TrueView, Google Partner Select, and Promoted Tweets by means of programmatic channels, marketers are now able to connect with their audiences with all the benefits of data and automation in brand-safe channels.

  1. Step the impact, then respond rapidly

You’ve reached the last– and maybe essential– concern: How do you know it worked? The last suggestion is to determine the effect of campaigns based on the metrics that matter to your brand.

By determining the efficiency of certain messages throughout devices, brands can discover the true effect of each channel and the function it plays in driving conversions. Marketers can make smarter, faster decisions by determining how much each channel contributes to campaign success.

Was my ad seen? Exactly what did customers believe? And what actions did they take as a result? With the right measurement devices, brands can get answers to these concerns faster and make changes while their campaign is live.

Programmatic puts the pieces together

Micro-moments are altering the rules for how brands engage with consumers. And while these micro-moments are, by definition, little and individual, programmatic lets brands respond to them in aggregate and at scale.

By keeping these 4 ideas in mind, you can deliver on individual audience requires across devices and circumstances with the self-confidence that the message you’re providing has the best chance making an impact.

Discover more ideas on ways to utilize our programmatic solutions to identify and win the moments that matter